More press coverage

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Many thanks to the Sheffield Telegraph for running this article: A Beast of a Business

Our second game – currently in Development

Sunday, October 23, 2011 Posted by

Two Headed Beast Studios are pleased to announce the development of their second game, a space-based RTS for the iPad with the working title The Fall of Orion. Inspired by favourites like Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, the game will feature large capital ships, swarms of fighters and bombers, two playable races (with more to follow in later updates), a single-player campaign and four-player local and internet multiplayer. We’d love to have the feedback of fellow gamers, so for now here is a work-in-progress video of where we’re at. We hope to release the game in Spring next year.

This video shows a fight between two teams of two carriers:

We’re famous

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Many thanks to Exposed Magazine for their mention of us.

Introducing ‘Space Shooter 1’

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Space Shooter 1 – a classic arcade shooter with a modern twist. Battle through a endless swam of bio-drones to destroy their factories before it’s too late. Then for the ultimate challenge, find and destroy the massive asteroids they’ve infected, using an array of devastating weaponry including a scything laser-beam and nuclear warheads!

Story: Far into the future the Asteroid Belt has become a rich source of minerals and resources. Humanity had started resource extraction with mining ships, using their lasers to bore into the rocks. Soon new, faster ways of automating the process produced spectacular results; self-replicating bio-drones were created that could do the job in a fraction of the time. However, the genetic code in the bio-machines mutated and they ran amok across the belt destroying all in their path. Now they look towards the Earth, their numbers growing exponentially, their destructive potential constantly evolving. Only you, in your hastily refitted ex-mining ship can hope to put a stop to the relentless march of the bio-machines and save humanity…


* Unique, fast-paced game play – roam around the levels destroying the drones, or go for the factories for a quick win.
* Multiple power-ups – bring fear into the mechanical hearts of your enemies.
* Halo-style shield recharging – if you’re taking a beating, find somewhere to hide and wait for your shield to regenerate.
* 4 unique weapons – including a beam weapon that can scythe through anything, the machine-gun like plasma cannon and nuclear weaponry.
* 10 different levels
* 3 different worlds
* Amazing Retina graphics
* Beat your friend’s scores with Gamecenter support
* Hours of replayability

Available on the App Store now – full version, lite version

An introduction

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Who are we?

We’re a couple of friends currently working on our first game for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) devices. We’re both employed full time, myself (Ross) as a PHP Developer, and Toby in an unrelated field. At present we’re working on our first game, an arcade space based shooter, something like a cross between Asteroids and Sinistar (which I first played on the BBC B as Deathstar, with me doing the programming and Toby the artwork. Development started in November of last year; we hope to release before summer of this one (time permitting!). Screenshots, trailers and such should soon hopefully start appearing in the coming weeks.